Sample Children's Stones

This is not a decision any parent ever wants to make but unfortunately it is part of life. This board was carefully created with sample stone work to help you make this difficult choice.
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a black and white sculpture with a koala hugging it's head
Granite & Limestone Teddybear
a black marble sculpture with two angel wings on it's sides and one in the shape of a rectangle
Black Granite Angel Monument
an angel kneeling in front of a black heart
Black Granite with angel etching
a black plaque with an image of a little angel on it's face and the words, too fragile for this earthy place god kissed your angel face he took you in his tender care
Any plaque can be made to order in any material, using any font.
an open book sitting on top of a lush green field
granite book with child imagery and verse.
a heart shaped plaque with an image of a child's face and words on it
Etching of photographs can be very effective along with personal verse
a memorial stone with the words, angel wings up to the clouds your body softly sleeps
beautiful, simple verse from mum & dad.