Mid-Grey Granite Projects

This is a selection of projects we have carried out at Spirit Memorials on quality Mid-Grey Granite. We can recreate this for you or we can create any lasting…
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a large stone cross sitting in the middle of a field
Celtic Cross
the headstones of two men and one woman at batman cemetery
Mid-Grey granite w/ raised base
a black monument with the words crawley written on it
Mid-Grey w/ protruding Cross
a headstone in the middle of a cemetery with flowers and trees on it's sides
Mid-Grey with Weeping Willow (Square)
the headstone of an old man and woman with a tree on it in a cemetery
Mid-Grey w/ Weeping Willow
there is a grave in the middle of a cemetery
Mid-Grey with Celtic Cross
Mid-Grey with Inscription Book Cover, Electronic Products
Mid-Grey with Inscription
a memorial in the middle of a grassy field
Bahama Granite