Black Granite Projects

This is a selection of projects we have carried out at Spirit Memorials on quality Black Granite. We can recreate this for you or we can create any lasting…
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the headstones of many people and flowers are on display in this cemetery area with grass
Black Granite Scroll w/ Last Supper
a statue of an angel hugging a woman in a cemetery with the words slaeceny on it
Black Granite w/ Embracing Angel
a black monument with the words in loving memory on it's side and a van parked behind it
Simple Black Granite design
the memorial is in front of some trees and gravel with butterflies flying around it on top
Black Granite with personalised images.
a grave with flowers and a statue in the grass
Black Granite with Virgin Statue
a black monument with flowers in front of it and the words caroll on it
Black Granite w/ Cross & Rugbyball
a black truck parked in front of a cemetery with the word cumm's written on it
Black Granite with coloured cross.
two headstones are placed in the middle of a cemetery
Black Granite twin Stones
the headstones of many people and their families are placed in front of each other
Black Granite Scroll