Mom’s Colombian Tamales (Tamales Colombianos de mi Mamá)

Mom’s Colombian Tamales (Tamales Colombianos de mi Mamá)

There are many variations of tamales in Colombia, but they all have something in common and that is that Colombian Tamales (Tamales Colombianos) are all wrapped

Pan de yuca Made this for my sons spanish class. They taste like biscuits but different texture. We were pleased they were good

Colombian Yuca Bread (Pan de Yuca)

Pan de yuca is a traditional Colombian bread made with yuca flour and cheese. It is delicious with a cup of hot chocolate for breakfast or for an afternoon

Colombian custard | Kitchen

Natilla Colombiana: conociendo los dulces y postres navideños de otros países

Colombian Empanadas (Empanadas Colombianas) |

Empanadas Colombianas

These Colombian Empanadas are a popular snack in Colombia and are served by most Colombian restaurants in the USA.