Sofía Sánchez

Sofía Sánchez

Sofía Sánchez
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My painting for Antler Gallery’s BRINK, an annual show depicting endangered & extinct species with a portion of sales donated to The Audubon Society of Portland.

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Happy ~*~*~ Tomorrow night is the opening for my Gallery Nucleus show with Nico Delort! This painting is called “Ghost of Quaking Bog”. A bog body is the ACTUAL TERM for when remains are naturally mummified in a peat bog, which can.

“Mabon”, in which stoat becomes ghost ermine,... | Teagan White

“Mabon”, in which stoat becomes ghost ermine, gouache & watercolor on paper, for Zenith & Nadir at Antler Gallery in Portland.

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My new risograph zine, “Obituary: A Zine for Animals I’ve Buried”, is available now via Antler Gallery, along with a set of two limited edition giclées, “Lammas” &.