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photoAlquimia | TITOBOWL

TITOBOWL is a vessel specially designed for tasting different varieties and dressings olives with pit, although it has been adapted for tasting pitted olives and other snacks because turning the top cap of the container, it becomes a toothpick holder.

35 diseños de etiquetas y packaging de aceite de oliva

Philippos Pyrialas - Unique Greek Products — World Packaging Design Society / 世界包裝設計社會 / Sociedad Mundial de Diseño de Empaques

La Cosecha Creativa: Packaging aceite de oliva

olive fruit in white coating, with a neck shaped as a small olive branch on which a pendant designed as an oil leaf is affixed.

Perfumes ZEN

Zen Perfume Packaging Design Talk about a zen idea and here is one that tops the list. The designs are original simple and as zen teaches are without the elements that are not required. The clever use of glass and plastic makes the feel of the product or

aceite villadecanena

aceite villadecanena