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two elfs are sitting next to a sign that says merry christmas ya filthy animal
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two plates of spaghetti with marshmallows on them and an elf sign in the background
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an elf is sitting in front of some christmas treats on a table with a tree
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the elf in the kitchen is making his own selfies for christmas and other holiday activities
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two elfs are sitting in the bathroom sink with rubber ducks
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two elfs sitting next to each other near a plate with snow covered donuts on it
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the elf on the shelf is getting ready for christmas
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the 25 bible verses to count down to christmas day
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an elf is sitting on the counter next to some candy and a box of froot loops
an elf is sitting next to a sign that says i'm back jungles
Jingles the elf is back
an elf is sitting on top of a mason jar next to two signs that read, pick three random out of happiness to do jesus loves when we are kind of kind
an elf is standing in front of a bulletin board
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an elf with a sign on his head is sitting in front of a christmas card
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