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Easy Thanksgiving Pie Garland Idea | DIY Crafts for Holiday Decor
This holiday season is giving DIY ✂️ Craft some cozy decor for any Thanksgiving or fall-inspired setup. We're looking to @sibster_made for all the inspiration—let the decorating begin!
DIY Clay Coasters | Skillshare
There is something incredibly satisfying about creating with clay 🍊 Clay coasters by Hairpaintsow on Instagram.
Papercraft Flowers: Beautiful, Lifelike Florals Anyone Can Make | Skillshare
We all need flowers every now and then 💐 Learn to craft your own lifelike floral bouquets with botanical paper Artist Emily Paluska. She'll walk you through her creative process and fundamental paper crafting skills in her class. #getcrafty #skillshare #creativity
How Emily Paluska Started Making Paper Flowers | Skillshare
These handcrafted paper flowers have us feeling inspired by all the incredible things that artists can craft 💐 In her Skillshare class, botanical artist Emily Paluska shares how to create a variety of flowers, plus some easy greenery for you to display for yourself or give as a gift. #getcrafty #papercrafts #paperflowers
the instructions for how to make an embroidery eye
How to Sew Six Foundational Stitches | Skillshare
Add a new stitch to your practice with these six foundational stitching techniques from embroidery artist Danielle Clough. 🧵 Save this pin for later to practice a new stitch 🪡 #getcrafty #embroidery #stitch
DIY Crochet Coasters 🧶 | Skillshare
This is your sign ✨ to start making your own coasters 👏 Click the link to learn beginner crochet techniques and patterns from crochet designer Toni Lipsey 🧶 #getcrafty
DIY Crochet Coasters for Beginners | Skillshare
Moving into your new place and forgot a few things? No problem! Crochet designer Toni Lipsey has all the answers to beginner crochet techniques and patterns to learn. #getcrafty #crochet #crochetpattern
How to Make a Cat Candle | Skillshare
We can all learn a thing or two about what looks like a pretty purrfect afternoon from artist & designer Amy Plane 🕯 Learn how to create your own candle molds or make a cat-inspired candle like hers! 🐱 Get crafty with us now: #getcrafty #candlemaking #diycandle #cats
a poster with flowers and scissors on it that says handmade paper flowers pro tips
How to Make Handmade Paper Flowers | Skillshare
Blooms for days 🌸 Give your space a bouquet that will last! Botanical paper artist Emily Paluska is here to show you how to create these lifelike paper flowers. In her class, Emily will teach you how to make a variety of flowers, plus some easy greenery that are made to stand out. #getcrafty #papercrafts #botanicalartist #floraldesign
How to DIY Pocket Embroidery | Skillshare
Hand embroidery is a great place to start when you're a beginner 🪡 In embroidery artist Floor Giebels' classes, you'll learn how to create textures to add depth, like thread blending and shading. #getcrafty #embroidery #diyfashion #handembroidery
DIY Pocket Embroidery with Floor Giebels | Skillshare
Planning our fall outfits and yes, most of them will include something embroidered 🪡 Thanks to embroidery artist and teacher Floor Giebels for the inspiration 🧵 Learn the basics to needlepoint here: #getcrafty embroidery #diyfashion #handembroidery
Design a Sneaker Sculpture | Skillshare
Feel stuck with your designs? Put down your sketchbook and learn how to build an original 3D model with raw materials with sneaker collagist Helen Kirkum 👟 #getcrafty #reducereuserecycle #reuse #recycledpaper #recycledcrafts
a woman's hand holding up a shoe that has been made out of cardboard
Sneaker Sculptures: Design Sneakers with Your Recycling | Skillshare
It starts off as waste and now it's a model for your next design 👟 Artist and designer Helen Kirkum's approach to designing through making is what sets her apart from the rest. Kirkum's conscious creativity allows creatives to reimagine product design while expressing playful individuality. Take a classic silhouette and recreate your own one-of-a-kind sneaker design with pieces found in your recycling bin. ♻️ Click the link to see how you can craft your own. #getcrafty #productdesign
the book is about how to use your sewing machine for needleing and crochet
How to Draw With a Sewing Machine | Skillshare
Get out of your own way and sew outside the lines 🪡 Sewing artist and Skillshare teacher Jordan Gomez shares her go-to tips on how to get started on free motion sewing. Don't be afraid of a little trial-and-error! #getcrafty #freemotion #sew #sewingmachine