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a person holding an open book in their left hand with spanish writing on the page
▷ 100+ Imágenes Cristianas Sobre la FAMILIA | Unidas en Oración ❤️
a man with a long beard wearing a black hat and looking at the camera in spanish
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“ Un Hijo “
a house surrounded by greenery with the words love des, bueno o mato, no quedraa atras
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an open book with two hearts floating out of it and the words tu y go
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an open book with the words in spanish and english on it's cover page
«No se trataba de rabia ni resentimiento; mucho menos de odio; lo mio era una cuestión de decepción por andar siempre esperando lo que yo estaría dispuesto a dar». Frase de Edwin Vergara, escritor y locutor de radio y televisión colombiano, en ‘Cartas sin destino’, compartida por Guadalupe García Ramírez, en su tablero «Proyectos que intentar» de Pinterest.
a woman sitting on the ground holding a lit candle in her hands with text that reads self belief is the strongest magic
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