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We're passionate about crafting dresses that accentuate your curves, designed to make you feel confident in your own skin. 👑 Our eye-catching striped dress is a stunning choice for any occasion, never failing to impress. 💎Wear it with your hair up to showcase the gorgeous back detail and step out with undeniable style. 👗
Molde vestido regata com saia
Molde em PDF 📧 ENVIO POR E-MAIL Tamanhos :P ao G5 Sugestão de tecidos : LINHO, CAMURÇA, VISCOLINHO, ALFAIATARIA, GABARDINE, CREPÉ ☑️Molde testado e aprovado pela modelista ✅Você irá receber os moldes nos formatos A4 e Pôster. Os moldes são agrupados R$16,90
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Check Out This Ankara Design …. Check Out This Ankara Design
There are so many ways to rock African dresses, fabrics & prints (also called “dutch wax”, “ankara”, & “kente”), find the most fashionable… August Nice Ankara dress ~Afri…
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African Print Dresses @nedim_ designs +27829652653
African Print Dresses @nedim_ designs +27829652653
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