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three towels with blue and yellow glasses on them sitting on a counter next to a potted plant
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Pool party : Loot ideas : If there are only a few kids, make them "towel minions" by turning towels into little guys using goggles and water guns : by regaletes
many small plastic buckets filled with colorful items
20 lembrancinhas criativas para festa infantil - Inspire sua Festa ®
a group of hats sitting on top of each other in front of a white background
a wooden table topped with lots of hard hats on top of green grass next to a fence
a birthday cake decorated with an image of a beach chair and umbrella on the sand
Bolo Pool party do Miguel 🏖️
an outdoor birthday party with balloons, surfboards and other items on the table in front of it
Pool Party
there are many stuffed animals and balloons in the room with mickey mouses on it