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Perfect Fibonacci.. did you know you are made up of Sacred Geometry??  Can you think of any other examples?

you will give a human form to the economy. The Fibonacci sequence in beauty is found in the human face. The most beautiful people have faces that closely adhere to this proportion.

Street Art Banksy Style Barcode Trees Limited by CreativeSpectator

Illustrated by Kevin Keeton © 2012 Amazing quality prints. × 21 cm (Medium) × 30 cm (Large) × 42 cm (X-Large) x 60 cm (XX-Large)

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Ooh i loovveee drawings of lips, i wish i could draw it like this, but actually i'm a beginner sooo. But one day, i will draw lips in a good way :)

2.bp.blogspot.com -69TWZZujFjg UqDds9OGAJI AAAAAAAAAQM Q0cNxqW4deo s1600 530520_677842955580629_951348095_n.jpg

I found this post and thought it would be a great place to try and start drawing lips realistically to get the gist of it for anyone trying to develop into an artist. Let me know down below if this helps!