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Hey overwhelmed Creators: is it time to look for a better solution?💫
🤩Creators, this could be you relaxing and enjoying your day while your Influencer Assistant handles your time-consuming tasks!! 👉If you want to train your current assistant on all things Influencer & Creators, then our Influencer Assistant Academy is perfect for you! This course will teach them everything they need to assist your Influencer business, they will leave will all the skills and knowledge needed to excel at the job!🌟
Get Help As A Creator or Influencer
VAs are an excellent investment for Influencers who really want to scale their business. 🚀They help take some of the load off by answering emails, organizing schedules, or doing research. Someone who truly understands your Influencer needs is a 👏game-changer. Which is why we created the Influencer Assistant Academy so you can train your current or future VAs to be the perfect Influencer Assistant. 😘👌 Get $100 OFF with discount code: SCALE
How To Deal With Criticism As a Creator
You can't control what other people say, but you know what you can control? ‼️ How you: ⭐ continue to show up, ⭐ build on your ideas, and ⭐ choose to take the right steps to invest in yourself. If you stick it out, you will connect more with your followers and land more brand partnerships.🤑 YOU have what it takes! Follow us for more Creator tips💫
Get Access to our FREE Creator Resources
Want brand deals? Searching for a way to simplify and organize the pieces of your Influencer or Creator business? We created this resource for you! What's in our Creator Resource library? ☑️ Before you pitch checklist ⚠️ Disclosures to remember for different post types 📁 Spreadsheet templates for collaborations and much more! Click the link to get access to our giant resource library for Creators!
top keys for developing your personal branding as a Creator or Influencer:
🎯Identify your target audience 💫Be authentic: You hear this all the time, but it's true. 📸Quality content: Creating quality content will help your brand get more visibility. 🗣️ Engage with your audience 💲Provide value: Despite what the name suggests, building a personal brand isn't just all about you. ⭐Stay consistent: Showing up as an Influencer means showing up time and time again.
Let's talk about social media and mental health💌
We think it's so important to have social media boundaries and to learn strategies for preventing burnout, especially as someone who needs to spend a LOT of time on social media like a Creator or Influencer.📱And with all the studies out there about the toll social media can take, it's important to keep your mental health a top priority. But what about the benefits that come with being able to share your passion online? We see so many Creators light up when they talk about their work with us!
Pitch to brands with 💫CONFIDENCE!
It's so true that you don't have to have millions of followers to work with brands and make money on social media. You don't even need thousands of likes on each post.🙌 ➡️ What you DO need is a loyal following, great content skills, and a well-thought out plan to convey your value to brands. 💫Basically, you just need to show that you have some level of influence. Click the link to get access our FREE Creator Resources.
Learn How To File Taxes As a Creator or Influencer
Learn all about Taxes as a Creator or Influencer 💸 how to save money on your taxes, all while setting yourself up for financial success! We have tons of Creators reaching out daily, asking questions about Taxes since the deadline to file is coming up soon! 🎉 That's why we have teamed up with an accountant to create a Live Masterclass that will clear up your questions about filing taxes as a Creator. You can check it out on our page
a woman taking a selfie with her cell phone text reads how to skyrock your instagram engagement rate
How To Increase Your Instagram Engagement Rates
Get more interactions from your community on Instagram with these top tips for improving your Instagram engagement rates. instagram engagement ideas, social media tips
a woman holding shopping bags with the words how to make more money as an amazon influence
Tips For Amazon Influencers To Make More Money
To make money as an Amazon Influencer, you have to do much more than post a few photos pointing people to your links. Here's our top tips for turning your Amazon Storefront into a profitable income for your Influencer business. #influencertips
How would you go about your rates as a Creator in this situation?
Make money as a nano Influencer
One of our students made over $11,000 last month on brand deals and with only 9,000 followers. Yes! It is possible for you to get amazing brand deals even if you don't have a huge following. The secret to that is knowing the correct strategy to pitch to brands. If you want to learn more about how to successfully reach out to brands, come to our next free live training where we will share with you a bunch of tips you can apply in your future pitches. Register here:
a woman sitting on her bed with the text how to respond to brand collabr request
How To Respond To Brand Collaboration Email Requests
Did a brand reach out to you as a content Creator or Influencer? Stop before you respond! You only have one chance to make a first impression, so we put together our tips for a brand collaboration email template to respond to brands in a way that gets you paid brand deals. Read this post so you know what to say in your response email!
Become an Influencer on 2023
This is your year to become a full-time Influencer or Creator ✨ If you are feeling overwhelmed with the amount of Creators out there and feel like there's no room for you, we are here to tell you that there is still space for all types of Creators to work full time in this industry! Learn how to take your business to the next level on our upcoming free training where we will give you the best tips to get paid brand deals. Register here:
Prepare for the new year as a Creator!!
What type of Creator are you? Being a Creator comes with its perks and flexibility, but you also need to learn to treat yourself as a business and gear up for 2023, and start making your plan and moves now. If you want to start 2023 with momentum to get to work with the brands you love, then you need to start planning your pitches, updating your Media Kit, & planning your reach strategy now. So what type of Creator are you gonna be this holiday season? 🎅🏻