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✨2024 Predictions 👀 for Influencer Marketing ⤵️
Get ready for Creators doing a more subtle product placement. 🤔 Basically, instead of shouting out products and brands right away, they're just showing them seamlessly into their content.📹 ✨All this to spark curiosity, create engagement, and get some action in the comment section.💬 What do you think if this trend? Do you like it? Will you be applying it in your future content?⤵️
Unveiling the Truth: How Influencers Drive Teenage Purchases 💭💸
Influencers have become significant drivers of teenage purchases. With their authentic voices and captivating content, Influencers hold the power to shape trends and sway consumer behavior. 💡 But why is this information important for us as Influencers and Creators? It's simple: awareness is key. By understanding the impact we have on teenage spending habits, we can take charge of our roles and leverage this influence responsibly and purposefully. 💭💡
📌 2-page MEDIA KIT for your next Influencer Event!
If you're attending to an in-person Influencer Event or Conference, it's always important to bring your Media Kit and business card to give to people and brands. You want a 2-page Media Kit that it's easy to hand in and people can find the information they need about really quick. -- 🏝JOIN US in Puerto Rico, on May 19th for WITS travel Creator summit !! If you're interested in coming to these Influencer Events, go check our page
What does EXCLUSIVITY mean in a brand partnership?! 🤭 Exclusivity terms indicate that a brand may not want you to work with another brand that is in the same competing market or promote products from a competitor at the same time. As a business owner, this means that you could lose out on OTHER potential income with other brands coming down the pipeline. It's IMPORTANT for you to know that exclusivity should be considered an "extra" when it comes to your rates and you should charge for it.
Brands NEED CREATORS more than ever!📈
📈 There are more and more people using ad blockers, which means brands need another way of getting their product out there for people to see. And this is no surprise for anyone, but that's when Creators come into play here. Many brands don't use ads anymore and solely rely on partnerships with content Creators as they see more and better results. ⭐️ Now you know there's a HUGE demand for Creators and Influencers, which means you need to stay strong in your rates and in your value
⚠️ Be prepared if TIKTOK BAN happens!
You might have heard all the chatter about US and other countries wanting to banTikTok 👀 There's nothing clear yet, and we are not here to tell you if it will happen or not, we are here to PREPARE YOU in case it does happen! ✔️ Search for other platforms that might suit you and your audience and repurpose your content there. 📲 ✔️ Start building out an email list from your followers! 📧 ✔️ Transfer your followers to all the other platforms you use! 🔁
Influencer Events on 2023
CREATORS, DON'T MISS THESE EVENTS! 💥 If being a full-time Content Creator has left you little time to socialize, these events are for you! A great way to connect with other Creators and Influencers is through Influencer events & conferences! And great news, there are two conferences coming up: ⚡️Latino Travel Fest - On March 24th-26th In NYC 🗽 ⚡️ WITS - On May 19th-21st in Puerto Rico 🌴 Come join us IRL at these events! Learn more about them on our page and get a discounted ticket!
How To Grow and Network as a Creator at Influencer Events
A great way to find people from this industry do this is through Influencer events like conferences! These events give you the opportunity to connect with so many Creators around the world and can create long-lasting friendships. We have two conferences coming up: ⚡️Latino Travel Fest - On March 24th-26th In NYC 🗽 ⚡️WITS - on May 19th-21st in Puerto Rico 🌴 If you want to learn more about these events, head to our page!
Work with brands from anywhere in the world!
The Influencer Industry keeps growing globally, which means more opportunities for Creators around the world! 📈 When the industry first started, the US was one of the only countries where you could actually get to work with brands as an Influencer. Now we can see that almost every country has some level of Influencer marketing presence. So if you have been hesitant about reaching out to brands, now is the time to start doing it!
Influencers and Creators: Go From Making $0 to $10,000+ Per Month In Brand Deals
FREE Training: Go From Making $0 to $10,000+ Per Month In Brand Deals (Click to sign up!) Adobe report recently released that Influencers and Creators are at the top income bracket next to Software Engineer, Lawyers and CPA! Making over $100,000+. It takes A LOT of work and consistency to get there but can show you the roadmap. Come to our next free live training where we will teach you what you need in order to start getting high-paying paid brand deals.
This a reminder not to give up on your dreams & to be consistent! ⭐️ You know how many people told me I was wasting my time focusing my career on Influencer marketing? It's important to remember you are not doing this (being a Creator/Influencer) to please other people, you are doing it for yourself. The less importance you give to what other people are thinking about you, the more you'll grow as a Creator, believe me! After 8 years...Look at us now 🤩
Our Co Founder's Birthday!
Being a Content Creator or Influencer is Like Running Your Own Business
Content Coreators and Influencers are business owners! 🙌 It takes so much work and dedication to become a successful content Creator or Influencer and start making money on social media. It's a full time job and there's no perfect roadmap or "track" to follow. Give yourself more credit and pat yourself on the back. Then invest more into strengthening your social media and creator skills. Remember we are here to help! • If you need content creator tools and tips, go to our page where you can find Free resources:
a woman sitting on the floor looking at her phone with text overlay that reads 40 social media influence marketing items you need to know
40 Social Media Influencer Marketing Terms You Need To Know
If you want to make it in the social media influencer marketing agency, there's a lot you need to know. Make sure you know your stuff next time these words come up! This will help you work with brands and grow your business as an influencer or creator. social media influencer, influencer marketing tips, social media tips
a woman with her hands on her face and the words how to influence change through social media
How To Influence Change Through Social Media
We believe in the power of social media to make an impact. We asked influencer Martinique Lewis her thoughts on how influencers and creators can use their skills for good! influencer stories, influencer marketing industry
Content Creators are replacing ads thanks to brand deals and partnerships!
Now is the time to start working with brands as a content Creator or Influencer. People are tired to see their feed filled with ads and the majority swipe or skip when they see one. This is why the industry has shifted, brands are making deals and collaborating with Content Creators & Influencers for a more organic UGC experience. Customers enjoy knowing a real person's perspective of a product before committing to spending money on a brand. If you want to learn more about how to work with brands as a content Creator, come to our next Free Live Training all on How To Land Paid Brand Deals. • Here is the link:
a woman sitting at a table with the words an influencer's guide to infl
An Influencer's Guide To Influencer Marketing Strategy: ROI (How Brands Measure Success)
A huge part of influencer marketing strategy is understanding ROI. This is how brands measure success! If you're an influencer or creator, read this article for what you need to know.
a man sitting at a table in front of a laptop with the words how brands take advantage
How Brands Take Advantage Of Bloggers And Influencers
The influencer and blogger world can be hard to navigate, especially when you're just starting out. We've seen it all, so we wanted to share 9 ways that brands take advantage of bloggers and influencers and how to spot them. Make sure you're prepared as you head into brand deals! influencer tips, content creator tips, microinfluencer tips
a woman sitting in a chair with the text instagramm influencer marketing trend to help
5 Instagram Influencer Marketing Trends On The Rise
As an Instagram Influencer or someone who works with them in the social media industry, you need to know the latest influencer marketing trends. There's a lot to keep up with but don't worry - we got you started with these 5 Instagram Influencer marketing trends that will help your influencer marketing strategy! content creator tips | influencer tips | instagram tips
Why Brands Need Influencers
Brands are facing a major problem right now - no one wants to watch ads! How often do you skip over ads on Instagram or YouTube? We'd guess pretty frequently! That's why Influencers and content Creators are so valuable right now. Brands need to access your social media audience because you have an engaged following that's interested in what you have to say. The Influencer marketing industry only continues to grow! how to work with brands | instagram influencer | influencer tips | content creator industry | how to grow on social media
Influencer Marketing Calls
Ever what happens on the brand side of Influencer marketing calls? If you're a content Creator or Influencer who wants to work with brands or is already pitching to brands, it's important to understand what brands are looking for and how they go about their brand partnerships. At Sidewalker Daily, that's what we help Creators and Influencers do! Follow us @sidewalkerdaily for more influencer marketing tips and let's get you paid! Influencer marketing tips | Influencer marketing strategy | influencer marketing agency
What happens on an Influencer marketing call
People working on the brand's team will TALK. Immediately they will know if they want to hire you again or never work with you again...and they will make sure the whole department knows it. #sidewalkerdaily #socialmediaexpert #influencermarketing #influencerdigital #infleuenceragency #influencersearch #influencercoach #bloggerlife
Influencer Marketing Tips For Working With Brands
Influencer Marketing Tips For Creators Working With Brands
two girls using a laptop computer with the text how to collab with other influencers
Influencer Collaborations: Tips To Collab With Other Influencers
Collaborations with other Influencers and Creators is an amazing way to grow on social media and expand your influence. Learn why you should be doing this as an Influencer and how to send an Influencer collaboration proposal that works. Think outside the box of the typical Influencer collaboration meeting and stand out as an Influencer! #influencercollaborations #influencermarketingtip
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Influencer Marketing Trends 2022
A big part of finding success as an Influencer is understanding Influencer marketing trends and keeping up to date with best practices! Read this post to keep up with the current and future of Influencer marketing so that you can continue to grow your influence and scale your business. influencer marketing examples | influencer marketing news | influencer trends
a woman sitting in the grass with her hand on her head and text that reads, influence
Influencer Marketing Trends 2022
A huge part of finding success as an Influencer is understanding trends and keeping up with new features. Here are the top Influencer marketing trends 2022 can expect. influencer marketing, how to be an influencer, influencer tips
a blonde woman wearing sunglasses and jeans with the words how to become an influencer
How To Become An Influencer
Want to know how to become an Influencer? While life as an Influencer might look glamourous (and it can be), there's so much more that goes into becoming an Influencer than meets the eye. If you're willing to put in the work and learn how to become an Influencer and make money, we have the tips and advice to set you up for success! pitch to brands | how to become an Influencer and make money | how to be a successful Influencer | how to become an Influencer blogger | Influencer course
Influencer Lifestyle Tips & Ideas - Make Money As A Creator Online
Influencer Marketing Trends For 2022 - Social Media Trends