Become An Influencer

Creator Challenge for Newbie Influencers
📸Today we want to challenge you to create content using clips you already have (we know you have a lot in your camera roll!) Don't think too much about it - head to the Reels tab and scroll until you find a sound and template that you like. With a click of a button you can add your own videos and text to it. Not sure what to say? Turn to your content pillars and your niche to quickly come up with an idea. ➡️ Remember to download your Challenge Worksheet on our page!
Get It Done Challenge for Content Creators
Welcome to week 1 of this 4 week Creator challenge where each week we are going to give you homework so you can reach your GOALS! 🌟 📚This week's homework is a bio audit. Instructions for downloading your worksheet: ✅️ Click this post, find the pink section that says "Free Gifts For All Creators" ✅️ Sign up for free ✅️ Look for the "Get It Done Creator Challenge worksheet" & download
Terms Influencers and Creators should know👀:
Terms Influencers and Creators should know👀: 🤑Net 30 or net 60 refers to the number of days someone has to pay an invoice. So if the contract for your brand partnership says net 60, the brand has 60 days to pay you. AKA, you don't get paid right away. Many affiliate partnerships have this structure as well. 💸 Anyone who works for themselves or in a freelance capacity - like you Creators and Influencers ‼️ - must be hyper-aware of things like this when you're working with brands.
The BEST way to get more followers....
BE CONSISTENT!👏 If you post about anything and everything, someone who comes to your page from a Reel you posted about beauty and skincare...isn't going to want to click follow. 📱 Save personal things for Stories, a space that is mainly for your followers to get to know you better. 📸 Use your feed as a place to really showcase the type of content that attracts your audience. 💫 We know "niching down" gets a bad rep. But we're not saying you can't talk about several things!
Take the first step to beating your Creator fears
If as a Creator, you're stressed, and afraid of your business, know that these things are making you procrastinate and holding you back from the potential greatness on the other side. We can't tell you how often we hear Creators say that a post they didn't really expect anything from went viral, brought in new followers, or got the most engagement. Take that as motivation to take action RIGHT NOW and post a piece of content. We'll be waiting right here for you to come back and tell us below.
Our 1st episode on our new series Creator Currency
💸Let's talk MONEY!! Our 1st episode on our new series Creator Currency IS OUT NOW! In this episode, we'll dive into how Kimmay took her job and transitioned into a professional Influencer and Creator, what she made on her first brand deal, how she approaches brand partnerships and how much money she makes in her Creator business today. You can follow Kimmay's journey here: @hurraykimma Go watch the complete episode now on YouTube!
🔥Hot tip for micro Influencers who want to work with hotels!
🔥Hot tip for micro Influencers who want to work with hotels! Overnight stays aren't the only service that some hotels offer. Whether it's a fun on-site restaurant or an event space, hotels that are open to the public want to get people in their doors. 💫 💡We always try to remind our Creators that working with brands means so much more than sponsored content - you can pitch SO many ideas. Pitching a creative way to get a crowd to a hotel is a fantastic way to get their attention.
Dive into the World of Influencers & Creators with our "Influencer Confidential" Podcast 🎙️✨
Ready to unlock the secrets of the Influencer industry? Look no further than "Influencer Confidential" podcast, your go-to resource for all things Influencers and Creators. With over 146 captivating episodes, we're here to share insights, tips, and inspiring stories that fuel your success. Tune in and join the conversation! 🎧💫
Know Your Worth, Creators! It's Time to Get Paid 💰✨
Unfortunately, there's a prevalent misconception that Creators should work for exposure alone, as if recognition and appreciation are enough compensation. But let me be clear: your talent, creativity, and expertise deserve financial compensation. You have bills to pay, dreams to pursue, and a future to build. Your value extends beyond the number of followers or likes you have. It's about the impact you make, the connections you forge, and the knowledge you impart. 💎
Two Ways To Set Boundaries As A Creator
Two Ways To Set Boundaries As A Creator Are you tired of dealing with toxic or unhealthy followers? These two tips will help you dealing who may be harming your mental health to create a safe and positive online community that supports your growth and success.
a person typing on a laptop with the text how to pivot brand ambassador to paid partner
How To Pivot From Brand Ambassador To A Paid Partnership
Being a brand ambassador is great, but if you're looking to make more money as an influencer, you should be looking for paid brand partnerships as well. A great place to start is with your current brand ambassador jobs, so read on to see how to take these relationships and turn them into paid brand deals! make money online, marketing brand ambassador, social media marketing, influencer
A community of Creators & Influencers so you can grow!
A private Creator community to connect you with Creators globally and give you weekly business coaching with industry experts. The Creator life can be super lonely. We'll hold you accountable to your goals and you can ask questions like: • "I updated my Media Kit, can you review it?" • "This brand reached out, what should I offer them?" The Inner Circle is a private group that's invite only. If you're interested, send us a DM message or leave a comment. 📩
Work as a Content Creator or Influencer Full-time!
Are you a Creator trying to make content creation your fulltime job? Many people don’t understand the hard work and pressure that goes into this industry. It’s not only creating content that is hard and time consuming, but also pitching to brands to be able to make an income out of it. If you want to start earning money as a content Creator, know that brand partnerships won’t come pouring down at you. You NEED to reach out to brands! And it may sound like an easy task but there is so much work behind pitching to brands; you need to have a Media Kit ready, your portfolio, your Case Study, you need to learn how to negotiate, find the correct contact for the brand, etc. It’s a time investment wanting to make this industry your job and only source of income. We are here to make all this
a woman taking a selfie with the words how to be an authentic content creator
How To Be Authentic On Social Media
Showing up on social media as yourself can be hard - but it can be a key piece of being a successful Influencer or content Creator. Not sure how to be an authentic content Creator? Our pro tips have helped so many Influencers monetize their audience and work with more brands - read this post to know EXACTLY what to do!
How to be a content Creator or Influencer with a Full time job
Do you want to know how to be a Content Creator or Influencer while having a full time job? One huge tip is to set up designated separate workspaces for your Creator-related work. This can help you feel more inspired, fresh, and focused rather than sitting at the SAME desk or station all day and on weekends. If you want to make money as a content Creator on Social Media, you need to set Creator goals! They are very IMPORTANT so figure out ways to make it work! I'm here to support you! Check out our YouTube channel for the entire video on How To Balance Content Creation with a 9-5 job!"
Do you want to know how to become a full time content Creator? We can help!
If you are wondering how to become a full time content Creator or Influencer, we can help you get those 5-figure brand deals! The receipts don't lie! Creators in Sidewalker community are able to land high-paying brand partnerships after they learn my pitching & negotiation strategy. Ready to level up?? Head to our page to learn more: •
the ultimate checklist to prepare your pitch to brands
How To Work With Brands
If you want to work with brands as an influencer or creator, you have to know how to pitch. We put together a checklist to help you work with brands on Instagram (and other platforms). If you're not sure how to get brands to work with you, start here! how to work with brands, brand partnerships
Want to become a Content Creator or Influencer? Now is the time!
If you've been thinking of becoming a content Creator or Influencer, now it's your time! The Creator industry is booming and it is not slowing down. This is a 16 billion+ dollar industry. 💵 People who "hate" on others for pursuing influencing or content creation, are people that don't see this industry as an actual job. But in reality it takes hard work, hours, and strategy to create original content, getting brand deals or partnerships and making money with social media. Don't let the opinion of others hold you back!
a woman driving her car with the words how to perfect your travel blog niche
How To Perfect Your Travel Blog Nice
We work with travel bloggers and influencers on growing their business and partnerships and one of main things we cover is how important it is to choose a travel blog niche. Having a travel blog niche helps you stand out to brands, destinations and tourism boards, Here's what you need to know! travel blog niche ideas, how to be a travel blogger, travel influencer
a woman sitting in bed with an apple laptop on her lap and text overlay reads how to know if you're ready to work with brands as an influence
How To Get Brands To Work With You
Follow this checklist before you pitch to brands! Make sure you're doing everything you can to send the best pitch and get the brand to say yes to working with you. pitch to brands | influencer tips | how to be an influencer
a woman taking a photo with her cell phone and text overlaying how to be a full time content creator
How To Be A Full Time Content Creator
Have you ever thought about becoming a full time content creator? If so, there's a few things you should know before you start. In this post we're going over the essential things you need to know to make your content creation business profitable. These strategies have worked for hundreds of creators that we help grow! #contentcreationtips #smallcontentcreator
How To Be An Influencer That Thinks Critically
As a Creator or Influencer, you need to know how to think strategically to grow your business and make money on social media.
Love creating content and talking to your audience? Take this quiz to learn how to be a good content creator! After this you'll be able to narrow in on your goals so you know how to be a successful content Creator! tips for how to become a content creator How To Become, Quizzes, Quiz, Knowing You, Data Collection, Audience, Free Quiz
Creator and Influencer Quiz: How To Become A Content Creator
Love creating content and talking to your audience? Take this quiz to learn how to be a good content creator! After this you'll be able to narrow in on your goals so you know how to be a successful content Creator! tips for how to become a content creator
Tip For Influencers & Content Creators
Do you have influence? Whether you're a big Influencer or just starting out, it's important to test your influence so you can put numbers behind your influence ability. Not only does this help with confidence, it also quantifies for brands why they should work with you! Influencer tips - content creator tips - work with brands - brand collaborations
a woman sitting in the grass with her hand on her head and text that reads, influence
Influencer Marketing Trends 2022
There's a lot to know about being an Influencer! A huge part of the job is understanding Influencer marketing trends and keeping up to date with best practices! Read this post to keep up with the current and future of Influencer marketing so that you can continue to grow your influence and scale your business. influencer trends 2022 | influencer marketing news | influencer marketing trends 2022
a woman walking down the street with text that reads nano influencers everything you need to know
Nano Influencers: Everything You Need To Know
Follower count isn't everything- there is definitely a spot for nano influencers in the influencer industry! In this post, learn how to become a nano influencer, how to find brands that work with nano influencers, and other nano influencer tips we've collected over the years! nano influencer engagement rate | how to become an influencer | nano influencers instagram
a woman standing in front of a mirror with the words minds hacks to be a successful
Mindset Hacks To Be A Successful Influencer
Being an Influencer or content Creator can be a lot of fun! But the secret to becoming a successful influencer is to treat yourself like a business: which means a lot of work. Some of our best influencer tips are how to have a good mindset! These influencer marketing tips are what make the top influencers be the best! how to be an influencer | successful influencer | instagram influencer
a woman with her hand on her hip and the words how to work with brands as a micro influencer
How To Work With Brands As A Micro Influencer
You don't need hundreds of thousands of followers to work with brands! In this post, learn how to work with brands as a microinfluencer and start getting paid for the content you create. We cover the best microinfluencer strategy for landing paid brand deals and how you can start getting collaborations right now! how to get brand deals as a micro influencer | microinfluencers instagram
a woman with her arms crossed and the words how to become an influencer
How To become an influencer. For tips on how to do this, download the worksheet, which gives you consistent steps on how to become an influencer. #Influencer #InfluencerMarketing #Business #Instagram #JulieSolomon Julie Solomon.
the mega guide to becoming a paid influencer, by step by step
How to become an influencer AND GET PAID!
The ultimate guide to becoming an influencer on social media, how to become a successful social media influencer, how to be an influencer, how to become an Instagram influencer, how to be an influencer on instagram, how to make money as an influencer #becomeaninfluencer #influencertips #beaninfluencer
a man sitting at a table with the words 5 tips you should know before becoming an influencer
5 Tips You Should Know Before Becoming an Influencer