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fluffy puppies and tiny kittens 🐶
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a hand holding a tiny dog figurine with four puppies in a box
Daily Mini Interview: Miniature Animals by Kerri Pajutee
Kerri Pajutee has been creating miniature animals since 1987. She was recognized by the International Guild of Miniature Artisans (IGMA) in 2001 and 2004.
a small stuffed animal with flowers on it's body
Ty Beanie Baby - Bits the Bear (loose - no kit)
From the Ty Beanie Babies collection. Plush stuffed animal collectible toy. Mint with mint tags (with heart & tush tags). Approximate size: 8 inches. One of the Teddy Bear style TY Beanies. Inside the tag reads: Bits of color here and there Decorate to keep or share Scrapbooking is fun to do Especially with a friend like you
there is a dog that is sleeping on the floor with other dogs around it and its names
New Unique Products for Sale | Harriet Carter
a gray and white cat sitting on top of a wooden table next to a potted plant
Aww Adorable Cat
a small dog sitting on top of a bed with a pink bow in it's hair
The Cutest Dalmatian Puppy 🥺
a small white dog wearing a tiara with a tennis racket on the floor
two poodles dressed up for halloween sitting next to each other on a wicker chair