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#TokyoGhoul #東京喰種 #kenkaneki

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an anime character with blue hair in a dark dress
Tokyo Ghoul
#TokyoGhoul #東京喰種 #kenkaneki
Ken Kaneki
an anime character wearing a hoodie with his face covered by a blanket and looking at the camera
Kaneki Chibi ✨
two people sitting on a bench with their arms around each other and one person wearing a bow tie
an anime character with white hair wearing a trench coat and black pants, standing in front of
【BD&DVD好評リリース中!】アニメ「東京喰種:re」公式 on Twitter
an anime character making the peace sign with his hand
two anime characters with the caption kochi + misaki = kaneki
Imagenes/memes anime - #68
#wattpad #de-todo Creditos a cada respectivo creador
an image of anime characters with different expressions
a boy sitting on the floor reading a book in front of bookshelves full of books
Imagenes/Memes/Anime/Desmotivaciones - Kaneki
Imagenes/Memes/Anime/Desmotivaciones - Kaneki - Wattpad
a cartoon character holding a cell phone in his hand with an empty speech bubble above it
Fondo de Kaneki
Fondo de Kaneki de la primera temporada espero que les guste 💕 #Kaneki #TokyoGhoul #SharonRusherRollins
a man with white hair and red eyes talking on a cell phone while wearing a black mask