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The best Video tutorial on cake decoration design tips about flowers.🍰🍰🍰
a large white cake with purple flowers on it
a white cake with pink and purple flowers on it sitting on top of a wooden table
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birthday decoration #cakedesigns
a three tiered white wedding cake with gold flowers on the top and bottom layer
It's a Vintage Life
It's a Vintage Life - this cake looks like a wedding dress
a three tiered blue and gold wedding cake with figurines on top, surrounded by other decorations
Aluguel de Bolo Cenografico Fake No Tema Reinado Azul
Bolo Reinado Azul
a cake with white and purple frosting roses on the top is sitting on a table
Daniela Bolos
Резултат слика за Daniela Bolos
there is a cake that looks like a teapot on top of a saucer
Tea Party Cake
a white tea pot with pink roses and pearls on the top sits in a glass bowl
a three tiered cake with pink flowers on top and green icing in the middle
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Scrum diddly cakes