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a sand tray filled with different types of objects and words on it's sides
The 10 Essential Areas of A Play Based Classroom — My Teaching Cupboard
The 10 Essential Areas of A Play Based Classroom — My Teaching Cupboard
a bulletin board with bowls on it in an office cubicle, reading capacity the amount something can hold
Role play goldilocks and the 4 bears to have a scope of bowls/plates that vary in depth. Capacity lesson inspired by kindergarten kindergarten blog.
two children are sitting at a table with glass jars and pencils in front of them
Exploring Capacity with Jars & Jewels [Which jar holds the most? Which jar holds the least? How many?]
a person pouring liquid into a measuring cup with text overlay that reads, mathematical vocaculaary tip empty pour full quarter quarters half quarter
Exploring Capacity with Coloured Water - The Imagination Tree
Play with coloured water and plastic bottles and learn about simple capacity and measuring maths concepts at the same time! Welcome to another activity in our Playful Maths series, which we are co-hosting with Learn with Play at Home. We focus on making maths playful, fun and totally hands-on and worksheet free! Each activity uses recycled...Read More »
a drawing of a mug with different layers
Magic Potions! Measuring Volume and Capacity Lesson Plan 2/3/4 - Australian Curriculum Lessons
Magic Potions! Measuring Volume and Capacity Lesson 2/3/4 - Australian Curriculum Lessons
four bottles filled with different colored balls and the words full & empty on them are labeled in
Mrs Ward's Land of the Little Learners
Amazing little Powerpoint for Full & Empty
there are many bottles on the table that have been filled with water and liquid in them
Security Check Required
Label the differently filled bottles.
the tray is filled with many different colored bottles and glasses on it's glass table
Playful Minds Childcare
Coloured water for pouring & measuring on a reflective sheet in the tuff spot, at Childminding Watford Playful Minds (",)
a tray with some bottles and towels on it
Practical Life (age 3-6)
Fine motor work - 'Filling To A Line' (",)
a collage of photos showing the process of making an ice cream sundae with chocolate and sprinkles
Fine Motor Fun with Loose Tea - Stimulating Learning
Fine Motor Fun with Loose Tea - from Rachel (",)
a poster with instructions to teach children how to use the same equipment as they do
Elementary math measurement and art lesson
the table is covered with lots of bottles and containers for potts'n lab
Capacity and volume made magical!
a bulletin board with bottles on it that says full half full empty, and the words
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