Grinch Day

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a stack of green pancakes on a white plate next to a red and white striped cup
Copycat IHOP Grinch Pancakes Recipe | Hungry Happenings (VIDEO)
Make Copycat IHOP® Grinch Pancakes for Christmas breakfast. Top fluffy green pancakes with cream cheese icing, green whipped cream, and candy hearts.Fun!
some green pancakes with frosting on them and the words, copycat hop grinen pancakes
Copycat IHOP Grinch Pancakes Recipe | Hungry Happenings (VIDEO)
the grin face is made out of paper and has a santa hat on it's head
A Grinchy Freebie :) (A Cupcake for the Teacher)
A Grinchy Freebie :)
christmas science activity for kids to grow the grin's heart
Grow the Grinch's Heart with this fun and simple Christmas science project for kids.
the grinch treats and sweet treats collage with text overlay that reads, 25 crafts and sweet treats
25+ Grinch Crafts, Decorations & Sweet Grinch Treats
How The Grinch Stole Christmas is of course one of our most favorite holiday movies. We love the book, too. The story behind it is lovely and of course, who doesn’t just love Whoville? Here are our favorite grinch crafts and dessert recipes all inspired by the lovable, green Grinch. 25 Grinch Crafts & Sweet...Read More »
10 healthy holiday treats for the classroom that are fun and easy to make at home
10 Healthy Holiday Treats for the Classroom
Send your kid with a healthier option for their classroom holiday party from this round-up of 10 Healthy Holiday Treats. They're all easy and kid-approved!
a green handprint with the name ethan 2012 on it and an evil face
45 Grinch Activities for Grinch Family Movie Night or Grinch Day with Kids
Grinch Activities for Kids
a paper plate grin face with santa's hat on it
Grinch Paper Plate Craft For Kids - Simply Today Life
Grinch Paper Plate Craft is an easy and fun craft activity for Christmas. -
a green ornament with a red heart on it
Grinch Ornament - Simple DIY project that's great for little hands! A Very Grinchy Christmas (Party On a Budget) by One Swell Studio
a grinch popcorn christmas treat in a red bowl
Green dyed popcorn, marshmallows, red m&m
a piece of paper with writing on it that says to make the grinch smile we would play cars with him
Ketchen's Kindergarten
Fun idea to go along with Grinch Day
the grinch is wearing a santa hat and has words written on it to describe his feelings
Grinch Alert!
First Grade Wow: Grinch Day
First Grade Wow: Grinch Day 2015!! School Christmas Party, Grinch Party
Grinch Day 2015!!
First Grade Wow: Grinch Day 2015!!