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pinterest: bellaxlovee ✧☾

Als je in een hoofdstuk verschillende deelonderwerpen hebt, (met ak met natuurrampen heb je als deelonderwerpen tsunami's, aardbevingen enz) dan kan je voor elk deelonderwerp zo'n ding maken!

divergent-i: “studysthetics: “ - the rest of my plate boundary cards. This year I’ve decided I’m going to work especially hard at geography and try to keep ahead.

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mochi-studies: wuhu some geog notes on plate tectonics that I did last week in preparation for my time trial the second day after c:

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Simple BackPack Tutorial For Child - Easy Step to Step DIY!

Simple BackPack Tutorial For Child

Small Make Up Bag Waterproof Fabric Case. Zip Pouch.  Sewing Tutorial in Pictures.

Makeup - Small Make Up Bag Waterproof Fabric Case. Sewing Tutorial in… - Makeup Products

vestidos y unas cartera que pege com tus vestido

I love this natural linen and cotton cosmetic bag, linen zipper pouch. And you can never have enough of these. I use them for everything from cosmetics to office supplies and even the kids accessories. DIY tutorial and pictures for a easy sewing project.

Para regalar.... De todas maneras vale la pena tener la idea...

How to Make Stylish Fabric Handmade bags - Simple Craft Ideas

Tutorial monedero de tela cuadrado con cremallera                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

DIY photo tutorial and template pattern. Golden Glove Products Pretty nice, you would be love. How to make cute block zipper pouch handbag.

How to make this cute block zip pouch. DIY Tutorial. Сумочка-коробочка

How to make this cute block zip pouch tutorial