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Witchy House : FairytaleasFuck
A magical cabin converted from a watermill by a Serbian painter whose father owned and operated many mills along this Bosnian river.
#witches #witchy #witchcraft #pale #black #magic #instagoth #goth #gothic #gothgirl…

Witch of Auld Cottage

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The Castle on the hill.
dark paradise


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'' — leave her alone, she needs it. she is strong, but she is exhausted, very exhausted. nobody knows the pain that runs through your veins. she's my responsibility now and i need to protect her. - Andromeda was the only one to understand her pain.''
Home Apothecary Tour | The Witch of Lupine Hollow

Ban Druidh

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Dark Religion
aubergine color to go with the beautiful rose peach/pink of the walls and stailcase

Memento Mori

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a court of thorns and roses ; sarah j. maas
The Elven Statue
Elves remember


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blackkitsuneee: “ Never fear shadows, for shadows only mean there is a light shining somewhere near by. ”
Збережені фотографії | 1 666 фотографій
Drinking is very important to maintaining ones cowboy aesthetic

Graveyard Poet

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spooky doorways
tarot reading
open supernatural rp; be either Sam or Dean] I was a witch, born one instead of using power some demon gave to me. I was one of the most powerful witch of my family line. I didn't use my magic for evil like others...I couldn't even really control my magic. I was now on the run from hunters because I was accused of setting an entire town on fire. I was now sitting in an abandoned building, mumbling words in Latin in order to hid the building..but it was to late, the hunters were here.

Something Wicked

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>> Life is simple, it's just not easy...{ - Jord"s Lone Warriors. }...URTUVALLA?!? What kinda name for a world is T-H-A-T-?-!-?...]| ...and it was foretold that in +-The 2nd Winter-+ unexpectedly shall come a sourceless ocean of howling madness rushing forth from the horizon ·'~ an army of beasts so vast they cover all as far as one can see in a terrible blanket of sinewy flesh, fang and bone to bring a death in their path that none shall withstand or survive for they shall be HUNGERED unlike an
And when we both sang it was like howling at the moon together
Luna and her mother, Stella


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the woods are lovely, dark and deep | nature photography #trees
genre — fairytales


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mysterious forest | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
"she can't protect you anymore."
Moon mountain Misty by Miguel Cardoso on 500px

Yew Wand

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