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Lance and lance

*RIBBON ART ~ picture Composition of the roses  .Silk by SilkRibbonembroidery,

*RIBBON ART ~ picture Composition of the roses .

Gallery.ru / Фото #28 - 62 - logopedd

Gallery.ru / Фото #28 - 62 - logopedd

Silk ribbon embroidery | Купить Картина лентами Подсолнухи - желтый, Вышивка лентами, вышивка ручная, Вышитая картина, подсолнухи

ribbon embroidery Painting is embroidered with satin ribbons and organza ribbons, threads iris, sewing and silk fabric by the printed pattern.

These beautiful flowers may look like they are made of glass, but they are actually made from wire and liquid synthetic resin. Japanese Kanzashi (hair ornament) artist Sakae is the Maker behind this craft which she calls “dip flower.” It involves bending a wire into a desired shape and then dipping it in a liquid plastic.

Delicate Resin Flowers Bloom with Unusual Technique

These beautiful flowers, made by artist Sakae, appear to be made of glass, but they are actually wire dipped in liquid synthetic resin.

*RIBBON ART ~ Ricamo per quadro "Autunno" Silk ribbon embroidery di Le meravigle…

Painting Autumn Silk ribbon embroidery by SilkRibbonembroidery

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Elegant and sleek low bun.