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the different types of emoticions in french are shown on this page, which shows them
Hope it will help
a poster with different types of food and drinks on it, including breads, jams
a white brick wall with different animals on it and the words le chien le chat la souster le hamster le lapin le renard l'd'ourss l'ours le panda le panda le panda le panda le koala
a poster with french words and pictures on it, including the words in different languages
A Cup of French | Learn French with A Cup of French®
an image of fruits in french with the words fruits on it and pictures of them
Bienvenue ! - BedTime O' Clock
the family list for parents and children with text overlaying it that says,
The Family - in French
the days of the week with arrows pointing in different directions
the words les couleurs are written in different colors
Les couleurs free online exercise
the french color chart for different colors
Colours in French 🎨🌈 | A Cup of French
a circle with the words meteo written in different languages and pictures on top of it
colored pencils with names in different languages
the french poster shows different types of ingredients and their names, including eggs, flour, butter
Category: French vocabulary | Page 3 | A Cup of French
an image of different objects in french
Cartes mémoire affaires de classe
the french language poster with pictures of different things in front of it, including books and desk
Category: French vocabulary | A Cup of French