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Okay I have something to say about Majoras Mask tattoos. I see so many people (mostly girls -_- ) get just a simple majoras mask tattoo. I love majoras mask so much and I would love a m.m tattoo but I'm going to draw up a fantastic awesome one with a lot


I recently spoke at FieldTrip, a day event with a difference. The focus of FieldTrip was to look behind the scenes and see how people work and their processes. It had a wide variety of speakers from storyboard artists, photographers, animators……

Kratos :v

God of War 2 was the first game I ever played on the PS it blew my mind back then with never seen amazing graphics, action-packed gameplay & bein. God of War Kratos

Diferents gamers

If videogame consoles were your teachers. ---As much as I like drawing hedgehogs and substitute teachers.I think I'll go with PC on this one.--- SO TRUE.Apple is not a video game console but idc