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an advertisement for the 13th grave christian death at al's bar on oct 30
“Phantoms: The Rise of Deathrock from the L.A. Punk Scene”: An interview with author Mikey Bean
an old poster for the big catholic guilt show, with a cross and snake on it
a black and white image of a person sitting on a couch in front of a tv
boring music for boring people
an advertisement for psychty with a man holding a doll
A punk retelling of the modern witch trial: The first ever film about Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth – HERO
an advertisement for a black flag concert with a man wearing a top hat and holding his hands together
Hail Satan: Venom at City Gardens, Black Flag roadie’s legendary tape
an old concert poster for the velvet underground, featuring three men standing in front of a doorway
a black and white poster with different types of mouth shapes, lips, and words
He's Not Like Everybody Else
an old concert poster with the band on it's front page, in red and black
a black and yellow poster with the words wash your hands clean, wash them clean
Superimpose hosts Perspectives 001: Post Truth, inviting you to trust nothing and question everything
an advertisement for television shows from the early 1960s, with images of young men and women
soft core
the cover art for an album called vaque, which is featured in green and black
vague Arguably the best of the early eighties post punk scenes, Vague was a major work. It was thick, well bound and full of massive sprawling articles on pre fame Adam And The Ants, the proto Goth scene, squatting, anarchism, Apocolpyse Now and long road stories. It felt radical and dangerous and was a portal into punk becoming a lifestyle. Editor Tom Vague was bang in the middle of an emerging subculture that would soon be mislabeled Goth