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Viajar, quizás sea lo que más nos inspira a todos y muchas veces no tiene que ser al lugar más lejano, pues la magia se encuentra en cualquier rincón y dependerá de ti ver esa magia y utilizarla para crear! Me encantaría saber, ¿Cuál es ese lugar que más te inspira a ti? 👇🤍

Color Inspo

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a woman sitting on top of a surfboard in the water with a sign above her head
Absolu – Parfum – Identité de Marque – Identité Visuelle – Logo Design – Branding
Le logo Absolu représente une colombe, animal symbolisant la paix, l’espérance et l’amour. Sa palette de couleurs sensible aux tons bleus et blancs ainsi que sa police raffinée lui donne une identité de marque paisible, douce, calme, harmonieuse et empathique. Son identité visuelle fait preuve de douceur, de sensibilité et d’humanité.
the different shades of paint that are available in this color scheme for walls and ceilings
Welche Farben werden wir nächstes Jahr sehen? Sehen Sie, wie Sherwin Williams die Farbtrends für 2020 prognostiziert. Schauen Sie sich auch das Moodboard für S / Y Lazy Kingfisher an.
Minimalist color palette in beige, grey, and neutral tones for branding Web Design, Inspiration, Instagram, Fotos, Aesthetic Colors, Color, Color Design, Branding
Sleek Neutrals: Minimalist Branding Palette Inspiration
the color scheme for muted, serene, fresh and neutrals is shown in shades of
Muted, Serene and Fresh Colour Palette for your Brand or Squarespace Website
Find tranquillity and freshness in a muted, serene palette. Soft blues, calming greys, and refreshing neutrals come together to create a soothing and sophisticated atmosphere. This palette works well for brands in the wellness, spa, and hospitality industries, where creating a serene and inviting experience is paramount. It evokes a sense of relaxation, trust, and clarity. Read our full blog for more muted and sophisticated colour palettes, free for you to use!
three paintbrushes are lined up against the wall with different shades of white on them
three pieces of paper on top of each other
Milestone on Behance
the front and back side of a white envelope with black lettering on it, against a dark background
the back and side of a white envelope with black lettering on it, along with two different color swatches
Type at work in the real world.
Gazpacho - Fonts In Use
an image of a menu with palm trees
four different types of brochures with black and white paper on them, all showing the same type of information
Cultural appropriation / Taste / Bore me
photo: Nikola Zelmanović