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What is the Chakana Cross? This Inca symbol has a depth meaning in Inca culture and philosphy. Find the Chakana in Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley Ancient Symbols, Ancient Artifacts, Ancient Aliens, Ancient History, Mayan Symbols, Sacred Symbols, Viking Symbols, Egyptian Symbols, Viking Runes

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Chakana (Andean cross) with spiral, on classic Quechua architecture, at Pisac, Peru. I saw an amazing visual talk by Mary Louise Stone last weekend,...

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Published in the early 1970s costing only 60 ¢ a copy, this hand illustrated and typed journal carried this mission: "We see Country ...

Chakana, Inca Cross, represents 12 points of the year + cardinal points NSEW Mayan Tattoos, Tribal Tattoos, Tatoos, Inka Tattoo, Peru Tattoo, Inca Art, Inca Empire, Symbols Of Strength, Ancient Mysteries

La cruz andina o chacana, tambien es llamada cruz cuadrada de los 4 peldaños. Estamos ante uno de los símbolos milenarios de la cultura de la zona central de los Andes. Hace referencia al sol con un total de doce puntas relacionando lo celestial con lo mundano. El nombre chacana proviene de la palabra quechua "tawa chakana" que significa "cuatro escaleras".

This bracelet is 22 beads wide and shows a vibrant green Chacana or Incan cross, also known as the Tree of Life. The cross represents the four Seed Bead Patterns, Perler Patterns, Peyote Patterns, Beading Patterns, Embroidery Patterns, Bead Loom Bracelets, Beaded Bracelet Patterns, Chevron Friendship Bracelets, Beads Pictures

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Explicación del sentido de la Cruz Chacana - YouTube Cosmic, Symbols, Christian, Make It Yourself, Youtube, Peruvian Art, Magick, Icons, Christians

Explicación del sentido de la Cruz Chacana

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Get information about Inca sun worship from the DK Find Out website for kids. Improve your knowledge on the Inca sun god and learn more with DK Find Out. Inca Art, Peruvian Art, Sun Worship, Inca Empire, Inka, Indigenous Art, Ancient Jewelry, Gold Art, Aboriginal Art

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The Incas were like many other native tribes. They worshipped many gods and goddesses. The major Incan god was the god of nature. This was Viracocha, the creator. Another Incan god was Inti. He was the sun god. Gold was the symbol of Inti. The sun god temple is the most important structure in Cuzco. Cuzco was the major city of the Incas. The Incas believed Inti was the father of Incan rulers. They worshipped the ruler as a living god. There were major Incan goddesses for the earth and the…

Hunab Ku -Heart of the Galaxy - Mayan symbol for God - stock vector Mayan Tattoos, 13 Tattoos, Tatoos, Badass Tattoos, Yin Yang, Friday The 13th Tattoo, Family Symbol, Symbols Of Strength, Symbols And Meanings

The Mysteries of the Maya Symbols and the epochs of crucial world transformations

Souls of Distortion, a convergence of science and spirituality, the science of the 'Da Vinci Code' and 'What the bleep do we know'

The Inka Cross a strong Symbol of the old Cultures of the Andes The Inka Cross or Chakana is a strong symbol of the old cultures of the Andes… Symbole Tattoo, Inka, Symbols And Meanings, Old Art, Wise Quotes, Geometric Designs, Spiritual Awakening, Small Tattoos, Tattoos

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The Inka Cross a strong Symbol of the old Cultures of the Andes The Inka Cross or Chakana is a strong symbol of the old cultures of the Andes and is considered the most complete, holy, geometric design of the Inkas. This symbol is often found in old places and holy centers in the Andes …