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a hand holding a black and white bag on top of a rug next to other purses
Miniature dollhouse bag or tote, 1:12, miniature shopping bag, miniature beach bag, b/w plaid pockets
a pair of red shoes sitting on top of a green table next to a purse
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Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at
a white table topped with lots of different types of purses and pearls on top of it
Dollhouse beauty set, Lundby size
Dollhouse beauty set, approximately Lundby size. Part of it is selfmade products. Please notice that Etsy shows shipping prices wrongly on most cases, you are able to find correct shipping prices below. I'm always refunding overpaid shipping costs. Untracked package prices in euros € (Finnish post office pricing) TO EUROPE WEIGHT MAX (including UK, Norway and Switzerland): 250g (0,55lbs) 10 ,- 500g (1,10lbs) 15,50 ,- 1000g (2,20lbs) 23,- 1500g (3,30lbs) 31,50, - OUTSIDE OF EUROPE WEIGHT MAX
a display case filled with different types of purses and wallets on top of each other
Miniature designer handbag display
several different types of handbags and purses displayed on white stands with gold chains
Thanks for visiting. All the items are made by me using different materials and techniques.
Graffialuna makes gorgeous 1:12 scale purses and shoes. The artist is Valeria Bonomi of Italy.