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the letters are made out of metal and have been placed in front of each other
Love the layered letters stacked on top of each other& diff sizes mixed in too!
people are looking at an interactive map in a museum
Farming in the city – farmingthecity – city farm
several boxes are hanging from the ceiling in an office building with pictures on it and other items around them
Farming in the city – farmingthecity – city farm
three people standing around a table with plates and cups on it, looking at pictures
Wonderkamers 2.0 - KOSSMANN.DEJONG
two people standing over a yellow table with black and white objects on it's sides
ATELIER BRÜCKNER - Stuttgart, Germany - Interior Designers -
people are looking at items on display in a room with wood flooring and walls
Tot op het bot - KOSSMANN.DEJONG
great design and interactive ideas! KOSSMANN.DEJONG - PROJECTS
an advertisement on the side of a building for farmacia cura in barcelona, spain
Farmacia fino a 50 mq A1-6
Farmacia fino a 50 mq A1-6 | Flickr: Intercambio de fotos
a table made out of plywood with books on it
THEOPHILE'S PAPERS - a really interesting blog on indie publishing. If you scroll though the blog, there are a number of interesting way that books are displayed.
there is a sign on the wall next to a door with numbers and symbols in it
伦敦帝国学院(商学院部分) 导视系统 设计圈 展示 设计时代网-Powered by thinkdo3