Proyecto de vida 4o.

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Cuaderno para rebeldes emocionales
a poster with different emoticions and stars on it, including the words tips para enserar los pequeros aceca de sus emocones
Tips para enseñar a los pequeños acerca de las emociones
a poster with different types of monsters and words in spanish on the bottom right hand corner
a bulletin board with an image of a tree and other things in spanish on it
Mi Proyecto de Vida🌳
Afiche Escolar
a crossword puzzle with words in spanish and english, depicting the different types of people
Dia de la tierra online exercise
a wheel of fortune with the words written in different languages on it and two hands next to each other
a poster with many different things written in spanish and english on the side of it
Carteleras escolares ✏ lo hacemos por ti en @tobiascucuta más cerca de ti 📚✏ #cartelerasescolares #school #hechoamano
a bulletin board with writing and pictures on it
a poster with the words los valores written in different languages and pictures on it
Los Valores🎨🖌
a poster with many people connected to each other and the words pequenas frases para trabar las emocciones
pequenas-frases-para-trabajar-las-emociones - Imagenes Educativas
the spanish poster shows children reading books and sitting on their stomachs, with thought bubbles above them
a spanish poster with the words tra un cuento on it and pictures of people
Juego De Cuentacuentos Para Inventar Cuentos 7F1
Te presento unas maravillosas fichas para con ayuda de un dado crear un cuento, para inventar y contar en estos días o para escribir y leer a todos los seres