Adorable par de osos

Christmas Decor With Toys – Inspirational Homemade Kid Party Living Room Ideas - this would be a great idea for our 3 little trees.

Corona hecha con tela para saco (YUTE), paso paso.

"How to make a burlap wreath: Check out this easy to use tutorial showing you how to make a burlap wreath in less than 10 minutes. All you need is a wreath frame, feet of burlap ribbon and some wire. DIY burlap wreaths make a great craft project.

Tutorial   para colchón de almohadas

DIY Pillow Lounger using Waverly Fabric

Diy Pillow Lounger With Waverly Fabric Adalynn and Ty would love this and I'm sure Raegan will too

Duende tierno

elf pattern / ÑOMO use pattern, change hair and clothes for christmas elf