hacer agua de rosas

Today I'll tell you how to properly rosewater, to remove dark circles, used as a tonic after shaving or waxing, to relax and lift your mood.

eliminar manchas y acne rapidamente

A mask of aspirins for spots and acne, you see the results in a short time but everything is to be consistent and judicious, but the results are incredible.

eliminar punto negros

Hey, let's make black mask, peel off, to remove blackheads with unflavored gelatin, milk and activated carbon.

como hacer agua de arroz

To make water of rice, serves to lighten the skin, to leave the face and the skin smooth, is a tonic for any skin and serves for many things.

exfoliante para pies

Hello today I'll teach you how to make a scrub our feet homemade, when we have very dry or dead skin feet. Let's indulge a bit from our home with this scrub.