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Meta-Code: Un-Grounded City, Architectural Site Model - Matthew Conway, Wesley Ho, Emily Russell, Cory Seeger

dRMM starts work on first building made from hardwood CLT

architecture firm dRMM has started construction on the world’s first permanent building created using hardwood cross-laminated timber (CLT).

Marwan Rechmaoui

Marwan Rechmaoui is a Lebanese artist whose work often deals with themes of urban development and social history. His Beirut Caoutchouc is a large black rubber floor mat in the shape of Beirut’s current map.

Oficinas Zamora / Alberto Campo Baeza

Galería de Oficinas Zamora / Alberto Campo Baeza - 35

Image 35 of 44 from gallery of Zamora Offices / Alberto Campo Baeza. Photograph by Alberto Campo Baeza

TALLER 01 : Foto

Energy Levels - Abstract Modeling, use drilling holes: making it more sparse in the structure to create a sense of how dense it is - in turn this would create more of a public energy level compared to a more individual sense of energy


A small tribute to a friend who had problems with black box medication and likes to play Alice: Madness Returns. Asylum: side effects