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Meta-Code: Un-Grounded City, Architectural Site Model - Matthew Conway, Wesley Ho, Emily Russell, Cory Seeger

Marwan Rechmaoui

Marwan Rechmaoui is a Lebanese artist whose work often deals with themes of urban development and social history. His Beirut Caoutchouc is a large black rubber floor mat in the shape of Beirut’s current map.

Oficinas Zamora / Alberto Campo Baeza

Galería de Oficinas Zamora / Alberto Campo Baeza - 35

Image 35 of 44 from gallery of Zamora Offices / Alberto Campo Baeza. Photograph by Alberto Campo Baeza

TALLER 01 : Foto

*Energy Levels - Abstract Modeling, use drilling holes: making it more sparse in the structure to create a sense of how dense it is - in turn this would create more of a public energy level compared to a more individual sense of energy