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the text is written in spanish and has emoticions on it, including smiley faces
Amor 💕♥️... 21/07/18 😍🙊
the text is written in spanish and has many small hearts on it, as well as two
amor #ichliebedich
a text message with an image of a woman talking on her cell phone and the caption in spanish
Bebeee entiendelo ❤ Entiéndeme estoy chaparrita Yo te amo a ti como eres Y cómo estás simplemente te amo chaparrita
an image of someones texting with emoticions in spanish on their phone
Aun que aun no seas mi novio😚
the back cover of a book with emoticions in spanish and english on it
Y esto pa' cuando X'D
the text in spanish that says,'i love you's not happy to be there
a woman with long brown hair and pink hearts on her head is looking at the camera
10 Cosas raritas que haces cuando te gusta un hombre
the text in spanish that says, i'm not afraid to see what you are doing
Sigue a Lucía Fabiana❤, muchos Pines chéveres... Follow me❤