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two people standing on a bed with white sheets
I heard u like bedz and to haz a sleepz
I heard u like bedz and to haz a sleepz
a white toilet sitting next to a bath tub in a bathroom under a large mirror
bathroom with shelves for towels // love how this feels like a spa! - My-House-My-Home
Bathroom with shelves for towels
a walk in shower sitting next to a white toilet
small bathroom ideas - Google Search
a bathroom with white towels stacked on the shelves and a shower in the back ground
Past Issues - Home & Design Magazine
Good ideas for even a small bathroom.
an open pantry with a ladder leading up to the door
50+ Beautiful White Kitchen Interior Designs for Inspiration
white kitchen design 1 http://hative.com/beautiful-white-kitchen-interior-designs-for-inspiration/
a wooden bed frame with drawers on each side
3 Ways to Build a Wooden Bed Frame - wikiHow
3 ways to build a bed frame
four pictures of the same bed frame with no headboard or foot board on it
Extraordinary Furniture Ideas - The Owner-Builder Network
Keeping stuff under the bed totally makes sense, if you need to maximize storage in your bedroom. However beds with drawers under them can be expensive. Here’s a DIY solution! Turn two sturdy bookshelves on their sides and use them as legs. Then build the bed frame on top of them.
a bedroom with blue walls, white bedding and lots of storage boxes on the floor
25 Bedroom Storage Ideas for a More Organized Sleeping Space
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