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a model of a building made out of plexed wood
Universita Luigi Bocconi by Grafton Architects
the building is made out of wood and concrete
El Pritzker 2020, para Farrell y McNamara. - diariodesign.com
an architectural model is shown in black and white
grafton architects wins silver lion award at 2012 venice architecture biennale
the building is made out of concrete and has many windows
Universita Luigi Bocconi - Picture gallery 17
people crossing the street in front of a building with an unusual design on it's side
Galería de Grafton Architects: Conoce las obras de las ganadoras del Pritzker 2020 - 6
the building is made of brick and has a walkway leading up to it's entrance
Yvonne Farrell y Shelley McNamara son las arquitectas ganadoras del Premio Pritzker 2020