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Sandra Patricia

Sandra Patricia
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I love this flare sleeved blouse with pearl details - it's so fashionable whilst still being very office appropriate. Definitely my kind of corporate dress!

2017 Summer Blusa Femininas Flare Sleeve Tops Ladies Shirt White Chiffon Vetemen Femme Fashion Elegant Women Blouses Plus Size

! Exclamations in Korean !

Exclamations in Korean~ Exclamations help us express a range of subtleties from surprise to curiosity! Today let’s learn some of these exclamatory phrases in Korean!

Inspired by a Japanese custom, ask guests to tie their sentiments to tree branches with ribbons. Here, stems are adorned with crepe-paper buds and blossoms and placed in a porcelain vase. Expressions like "Prosperity" and "Good Marriage" are written in Korean and Japanese and hung ahead of time to decorate the branches.

For many years Bride and grooms have used the Traditional guest book to capture the memories and good wishes from their guests.

Boda con tematica de flores

Cherry Blossom Weddings: with quite an oriental character to it, it automatically evokes a sense of joyous calm - perfect ambience for your wedding day!