Paula Andrea Barahona Torres

Paula Andrea Barahona Torres

Paula Andrea Barahona Torres
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tsubaki chou lonely planet Gonna teach me how to clean. I really want to clean lol or just sit there and yell at me to organize. What weird thoughts I have about spirit people

Tamen Di Gushi

Definitely recommend this manga! It's amazing, sweet and full of beautiful romance. The story line is cute and the laugh you get out of the characters personalities and quirks makes it totally, totally worth the read.

Mi utopía, mi paraíso y mi propio infierno.

Siempre pensé que la persona de pelo oscuro era una chica ;// I Tough that the black haired one was a girl ;

Tamen Di Gushi 52

Tamen Di Gushi 52 I'm actually getting attracted to a girl too at my school but I'd likely keep it to myself. I don't wanna be judge by anyone around me about my sexuality gosh T^T

Tamen Di Gushi 93

Tamen De Gushi 93 - Read Tamen De Gushi 93 Manga Scans Page Free and No Registration required for Tamen De Gushi 93