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valentine's day box ideas that are easy to make and fun for the kids
Adorable Valentine’s Day Box Ideas - little blonde mom
a platter filled with different types of food on top of a purple tablecloth
Halloween Dessert Board
colorful sushi rolls with dipping sauces on a black plate next to other food items
Mix & Match Rainbow Vegan Rice Paper Rolls
a woman is hanging ornaments from the ceiling in front of christmas decorations on a pole
Ornament Porch Archway | Dollar Store Christmas | This Dollar Store Christmas porch idea will make your neighbors stop and stare in admiration! With Celebrate & Decorate | By Hometalk | Step you don't wanna overlook. Take your shatter proof ornaments which these are. You're going to gently remove that cap. Take a bead of hot glue right around there and slip your cap right back on. Don't think that you can skip this step because if you do, when you go to attach them, they will pop right off. You're going to measure three pieces of PVC. It cuts very easily with a half saw. Then, what I'm going to do is just take my dremel and put my holes right through the PVC like so and you can do this with a drill and it would go all the way through. There you are. You've got your hole in your PVC. Now, you're going to turn it around to the other side and do the same thing. Once you have your holes drilled, you're going to want to take a zip tie and you're gonna pull one through each one of your hole. You're gonna do one about every 18 inches. Then, you're gonna take some garland and we're just going to that right on there and then you're gonna wanna clip that really close so that nobody gets cut from those sharp ends. Once you have your garland all attached to your piece of PVC like I have. This is so long that I cannot show it all to you. You're going to want to start to add your ornaments. Grab three or four of your ornaments that you have already glued the caps onto and feed them onto a green pipe cleaner like so and then twist, twist them into a little bundle of ornaments. There you have it. What I'm gonna do then, bring my PVC over and I'm going to start attaching these and you're just going to twist that like so. So, I'm just going to go to work adding some more. When you have your PV piece of PVC all decorated like this, you're gonna bring it out and I'm gonna put these out here on my column but you can also do this right next to your front door but for me, this made a really easy place for me to zip tie the entire thing right around my column. So, that's what I'm gonna do. You're going to get some extra large zip ties to attach that to your post like so or you can use command hooks like those if you are putting it around your door And this is how I made this beautiful archway to greet guests whether they're coming to my house or just walking by this Christmas.
two mason jars filled with candy canes and christmas lights on a table next to a pine tree
How to Make Christmas Snow Globes
an egg and some colorful plastic toys in front of a sign that says spring minute to win it classroom games
Spring Minute to Win It Games for the Classroom — Carly and Adam
a hand is holding a piece of cardboard with some drawings on it and green leaves in the background
Stempelideen mit Klopapierrollen * Monstamoons
rice krispie nests are an easy easter treat
Rice Krispie Nests (Easter Treats)
handprinted bunny and rabbit puppets made out of construction paper with the hands on each side
Handprint Bunnies | Paper Handprint Bunny Craft
a person standing on the ground with their legs crossed and holding a pink ball in front of them
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