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someone is knitting something on a blue blanket
The Seam on Instagram: "Sweaters can be tailored, too 🧶 @oipolloi_of_cottonopolis jumper altered by Maker Yakshi M We shorten sleeves, hems, and re-shape well-loved knitwear with both machine and hand-knitting techniques. Book via The Seam 🧶 🎥 @yakshimalhotra #TheSeam #KnitwearAlteration #JumperAlteration #MachineKnitting #KnitwearRepair"
two pieces of red and blue fabric are next to each other on a wooden surface
How To Sew A Separating Zipper: Top-Stitching And Faced Method
a pair of feet standing on top of a blue jean pants with the word love spelled out in front of them
Few people know this sewing trick - how to taper jeans keeping original seam!
Few people know this sewing trick - how to taper jeans keeping original seam! - YouTube
an easy sewing project for kids to make their own bow ties with fabric and buttons
DIY Sewing Pattern Weights
Love sewing and want to make something cute and useful? This Easy DIY Pattern Weights Sewing Tutorial is just for you! These weights do just what the name implies: hold down your pattern on your fabric while you cut it. Perfect for making clothing or any unique design that includes a pattern. We have many free sewing patterns available, so make these pattern weights and get sewing. DIY sewing. Easy DIY Pattern Weights Sewing Tutorial
the zipper pouch is open and ready to be sewn
Zipper Pouch Tutorial - With A Free Template - AppleGreen Cottage
zipper pouch tutorial
someone is holding a tiny starfish in their left hand and threading it together
การทำดอกแก้ว การเย็บดอกแก้วจากผ้า
HOT SALE Plum Blossom Positioning Gauge
The Perfect Multipurpose Positioning Gauge For 3 Different Sewing Types! - 3 in-one precision tool for sewing straight, big curve & small curve - Wide variety of edge-stitching or top-stitching applications - Straight & curve edge guide stitching, with a small curve guide for sharp curves - Works on all types of sewing machine - Easy Installation
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someone is painting something red and black
Repairing a Zipper with Super Glue and a Piece of Fabric
a button that is sitting on top of a white piece of cloth with two blue buttons
How To Install A Magnetic Snap Closure - A Tutorial
Emmaline Bags: Sewing Patterns and Purse Supplies: How To Install A Magnetic Snap Closure - A Tutorial
an advertisement for zippers that says what to do when you cut the pull tab off a plastic zipper
How to reattach a zipper pull after you've cut it off - a Little Crispy
what are kam snaps and how to use them for arts and crafts?
Kam Snaps Tutorial - How To Install kam Snaps - AppleGreen Cottage