Oh My Gosh, I've been fighting for pretty bows for my whole life, and they did it with a fork? That's some little mermaid stuff right there, lol.DIY Satin Ribbon Bow with a Fork


learn how to make this pretty bow for your gifts this year step by step pictures bow giftwrap tiebow 2

how to make a gift bow with ribbon

Summary: Adding some decorations to your carefully prepared gift would further highlight the efforts you have paid. And in my eyes bow is one of top embellishments I would choose. Moreover it is easy to master making gift bows.

Totally wanna give this a try!

Green Styrofoam Cones, Covered with Gold or silver wrapping paper, then wrapped the beads around (alternating colors). Could just use a pin at the beginning or end of the beads with the styrofoam .

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All dollar tree items

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Would be cute with kitchen stuff for a sweet kitchen decoration. I would make a white one with white garland and decorate it with a fun ribbon, pink & aqua ornaments & hang in the kitchen with our Sweet shop bakery tree!