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Colombian Arepas

AREPA ~~~ be sure not to go for recipes that do not use precooked corn flour. anything else = arepa wannabe. this share is not one of those :-) [South America, Regional North] [whydontyoumakeme]

Casa San Agustin — Cartagena, Colombia

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13 Trips To Cross Off Your Bucket List Make Your Self At Home, In Cartagena Casa San Agustin — Cartagena, Colombia

Colombian hot chocolate

Colombian Hot Chocolate

typical hot beverage, made in a "olleta and molinillo" (pot and stick) Colombian Hot Chocolate paired with cheese.

Eje Ambiental - Bogota, Colombia

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Cabo San Juan de Guia in Santa Marta, Colombia

I'll take a seat in that hammock any day. Location: Cabo San Juan de Guia in Santa Marta, Colombia

San Jerónimo, Colombia

Fruit Stand in San Jerónimo, Western Antioquia. The quantity of fruits you can find in Colombia is incredible. Have you ever heard of chontaduro or granadilla? Maybe of pitaya?

Colombia - I know these  hammocks are just displayed for sale, but I'd love to spend the night in one that's hanging from the second story !! - Find out why we love Colombia:

Let's go to the Hammock Store - Love the look of this place in Esquina, Colombia.