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At Home Waist Slimming Exercises For Women

The secret to a slim waist lies in a combination of exercises that work your abs, obliques and the transverse abdominals. These 10 waist slimming moves are perfect for toning and defining your waist and abs, and banish those love handles for good!

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30-Minute Booty Pop Workout For Women

This intense 30-minute booty pop workout for women will bring your muscles to full fatigue while keeping your heart rate up!

Master Your Muscles: Best Leg Exercises – Decibel Nutrition
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Skinny Legs Workout | Slim & Toned Legs for Summer

Get slim, shapely legs and thighs with this 29 minute skinny legs workout. An at home summer routine to tone your lower body and help you get lean, strong and sexy legs fast!

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Beach Bodyweight Circuit | Full Body Workout Routine

Tone your abs, arms, and legs anywhere with this full body workout routine. A beach bodyweight circuit that will boost your metabolism, melt fat and get your body in shape, and ready for Summer!

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Bikini Body Circuit | Full Body Workout Routine

Get every inch of your body toned, fit and ready for the beach with this HIIT bikini body circuit. A 30 minute high intensity workout to blast fat, sculpt your body and tone your muscles from head to toe!

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10 Butt Exercises to a Beach Ready Tush

Hit muscles you never knew you had and build a firm, perky tush with these 10 butt exercises for women. Repeat this series three times to lift, tone and tighten your backside just in time for summer!

Leg raise and crunch with a dumbbell between the feet: balance + strength = healthy abs!

Shortcut to Amazing Abs

Try these ab exercise variations, like compound moves, kettlebell exercises for abs, dumbbell exercises for abs like the torso twist to work your side waist, obliques, and get a lean, sexy core. This spot-on mix of weighted cross-body, compound, and isolation exercises burn away stubborn belly fat with every contraction.

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Flat Stomach Workout | Slim And Trim Your Waist

Want to easily whip your tummy into shape? Try this at home flat stomach workout routine for women to get a slim, toned and trim belly, and sculpt your abs in no time!

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Slim Down & Sculpt 30-Minute Workout

Tone your core, tighten your tummy, and trim body fat with this 30-minute workout. A no-equipment do-anywhere circuit designed to slim down your waist and sculpt a sexy, toned body.

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30 Minute Full Body Fat Burning Workout

Burn extra calories with this 30-minute full body fat burning workout routine. A set of 10 compound movements to strengthen your heart and lungs, boost your metabolism and tighten your body.

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Legs, Booty & Cardio Bodyweight Workout

Work your legs and booty from all angles with this 29-minute bodyweight workout. A lower body and cardio routine that will help you sculpt long and lean muscles and burn off body fat.

Sculpt strong, sexy legs and glutes with this high-intensity no-equipment…
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High-Intensity No-Equipment Workout

Sculpt strong, sexy legs and glutes with this high-intensity no-equipment workout. A 29-minute circuit to maximize your metabolism, torch calories and build lean muscle!

5 Ways to Burn More Calories When You're Training. Simple tweaks to take your workout from a slow burn to a raging furnace...


Want to know how to burn more calories with your workouts? Make some of these small changes and maximise calorie expenditure during your training time.

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No-Equipment High-Intensity Workout

Get your tummy slim and tight while on vacation with this no-equipment high-intensity workout. A 29-minute bodyweight circuit perfect for when you're away from home and your hotel doesn't have a gym.

Shape, Lift & Firm | Brazilian Butt Workout For Women

Want to know the secret to a perfect booty? Try this 30 minute sculpting and lifting Brazilian butt workout. Shape and firm your glutes and thighs fast!