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someone holding chopsticks over rice with chicken on it
How to make a filling and delicious soy chicken rice bowl 🍚
some biscuits and butter on a white plate next to a knife, fork and spoon
Quick and Easy Homemade Sweet Potato Biscuits
Gochujang Pancakes
45min · 2 servings If you’ve wondered what to do with the leftover veg that’s been accumulating in your fridge, I’d like to introduce you to Yachaejeon. In Korean, “yachae” means vegetable and “jeon” means pancake and it’s exactly that, a thin savoury vegetable pancake that is served with a lip-smacking dipping sauce. Dipping Sauce • 2 tbsp soy sauce • 2 tbsp rice vinegar • 1 tsp gochugaru (Korean pepper powder) • 1 tsp sesame seeds Veg • 1/2 courgette • 1/2 large carrot • 1/2 large potato • 1/2 onion • 1 mushroom • 1 green chilli • 5 spring onions Pancakes • 130g bread flour • 180 ml water • 1 tbsp gochujang (I used Sempio’s Gochujang) • Oil for frying Full recipe:
Korean veggie pancakes
a white basket filled with small squares of bread on top of a blue and white checkered cloth
Sweet Potato Biscuits - Once Upon a Chef
Healthy creamy pesto pasta salad
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Creamy Vegan Soup
I'm making this for lunch today ;). Perfect for winter lunch. Grab my free keto cookbook - click my link in bio. Video credit:@plantyou TikTok
Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
Video credit:@minaelleskitchen TikTok
Cottage Cheese Bowl Power Bowl Lunch Dinner Recipes Salad Recipe Quick Power Bowl Recipes Greens
I've probably made this cottage cheese bowl like three times this week because it is so good and so filling!! And comes together in 5 minutes! Cottage cheese bowl ✨cottage cheese ✨garlic paste ✨tomatoes ✨cucumbers ✨sun-dried tomatoes ✨Kalamata olives ✨Capers ✨Calabrian peppers ✨Season with flaky salt ✨pepper ✨evoo ✨balsamic glaze #recipes #easyrecipes #lunch #lunchideas #cottagecheese #healthymeals #quickmeals #lunchrecipe #saladrecipe #easysalad #quicksaladmeal