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a cat sitting on the moon with stars hanging from it's sides in a restaurant
Papel mache- El gato violinista y la vaca voladora. Una hermosa idea decorativa
a plastic cup with a straw in it next to a strawberry
McDonald’s Shake Porcelain Hinged Box
several small ceramic animals sitting on top of a white countertop next to cups and saucers
PotteryWorkshop w/KarenLucid
a clay sculpture of a living room with a couch and two teddy bears on the floor
an assortment of ceramic items including a bowl, plate and cup with animals on them
@laitusympa on ig
a ceramic teapot with a sleeping dog on it
Fitz & Floyd Teapot - Reynard - Fox
someone holding up a spongebob mug in front of a laptop
Taza de Bob Esponja cerámica 🖐🏻🧽🫧
Hago diseños personalizados @_manuguerrero__ (Instagram) #ceramics #ceramica #buenosaires #arte #artesania #bobesponja #spongebob
there is a green cup with a pink toy in it on the table next to a mirror
the shelves are filled with different kinds of glass figurines
Would You Like Some Salt and Pepper? How About 80,000 Shakers' Worth?
a red vase with two sticks sticking out of it's center sitting on top of a glass block
Melograno profumatore d'ambiente