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a cat laying on top of a couch next to a caption that reads, hey no tengo ganas de hacer nadda
a dog is holding a heart in its mouth with the caption'que tegas un dia guard buenos dias '
a pug dog with a pink bow sitting in front of a butterfly on a pink background
a painting of a pug dog with green eyes and a pink bow on it's collar
a husky dog is looking up at the sky
Fearless on X
a white cat wearing blue sunglasses sitting on top of a wooden table next to a cage
20 Reasons To Adopt A Pet And Not Shop
#Domestic #pets like dogs and cats are amazing for their capability to like #humans. Studies show that #animals share a robust sense of society for his or her masters and improve virtually every facet of the #owner’s #lives together with their health and even their outlook on life. However, animals have an effect on the lives of individuals is among the explanations why virtually every family ought to have a pet.