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Estructura de caballos

Sharpie Sketches - Horses by ColossalBeltloop . I once heard an artist say that she liked to draw in pen because there was no erasing, and it helped her learn to accept imperfections. That seems like a good (albeit somewhat painful ) idea!

Can't tell you how many times i used this for a reference. This is extremely helpful!

The most complete, accurate and qualified horse anatomy reference seen in all my life, love it

LED Aluminum Extrusion. Looking for something similar? City Lighting Products can help!

LED lights can be combined with aluminum extrusion and lens to create a beautifully recessed bar of light Más


Handmade, oak, Bookshelf with a twist: Handmade item Materials: Solid red oak, Oak plywood, Danish oil Made to order by WoodCurve on Easy