Why is Art Important?

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love this ... Art !

love this ... Art !

Benefits of Art in your life
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Benefits of Art in your life

Create Art With Me!: Justifying ART and Art Education

Justifying ART and Art Education

SIGH. Challenging day today. I can't be frank because I will offend. Let's just say I am feeling like I am having to "sell" arts education and that is frustrating. So, I'm not going to grumble, or complain, or yell...I am going to advocate. Here's a poster I made that talks about the benefits that art has on a child... And here are some close-up images of the poster so you can read the info. The images aren't the best, but if I make them too "nice" then blogger grumbles about the file sizes…

Value the arts
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Value the arts

The Importance of Art Education article by artist and art Teacher Katie Wall Podracky on Keep Forever Box

The importance of art education (part 1) - Keep Forever Box

Why is art education critical to children's education? Artist and educator Katie Wall Podracky shares an insiders view to the much debated question.

10 Lessons the Arts Teach by Elliot Eisner, Arts Education Leader and Visionary - TinkerLab

Elliot Eisner: Arts Education Leader and Visionary | TinkerLab

“The prime value of the arts in education lies, from my point of view, in the unique contributions it makes to the individual’s experience with and understanding of the world. The visual arts deal with an aspect of human consciousness that no other field touches on: the aesthetic contemplation of visual form.” – Elliot Eisner, […]

Keep Art Alive Whenever I hear that a school has to cut a program, it always seems to be an art class. I wanted to create this poster to help motivate people to create from the heart. We all have the ability to influence this world with what we do as artists, so lets Keep Art Alive.


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art advocacy
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Picture 126

I wish I knew where I found this - I would love to give credit to whomever created it.

From Hare to Hytner: leading cultural figures oppose the EBacc

Antony Gormley, Jez Butterworth, Mark Wallinger and other artists, playwrights and leading cultural figures look back on the experiences that inspired them as children and reflect on the dangers of marginalising the arts in schools

10 lessons the arts teach
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Eisner’s 10 Lessons the Arts Teach – Collage | iPad Art Room

Just a little visual reminder of the great ’10 Lessons the Arts Teach’ from Elliot Eisner. Inspirational stuff for art teachers. If you liked this poster, check out these snippets – more from the great mind of Elliot Eisner. Related posts: No related posts.

the importance of art education
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Back To School Night: This Tuesday Evening

“Back to School Night” is this Tuesday evening. The beginning of the school year is the perfect time to discuss the importance of art education and to learn about the art program at Brunswick...

What is Creativity?
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What is Creativity? | 21st Century Learning and Teaching

What is Creativity? In the leadership development world, creativity is currently getting a great deal of attention. But what is it? Can you learn it? Is it a skill? How do we lead in ways that encourage it? When we explore the question “What is creativity?” from a thinking and learning point of view, an open and active mind is clearly required – one that can see new possibilities. But is there more to it than that? This post explores the variables that make up what we think of as…

We need never be hopeless.

We need never be hopeless.

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Art Inspired / Art and 21st Century Skills

Think Creatively
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Why Should You Join AMP? - National Association of Music Parents (AMP)

Think Creatively

10 Lessons that the Arts Teach
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10 Lessons that the Arts Teach