40 Easy Ideas for Pallet Recycling

Like every other area in a home, bathroom also requires furniture to place the necessary items used in it just like the rack to place the toilet tissue paper rolls and the booklets that many people prefer to read there. This bathroom racking has a special

* La plataforma ORIGINAL de 3 niveles con acento cobre en Etsy! *  ♥ Cada estante es hecho a mano en PENNSYLVANIA, los E.e.u.u.  Un toque bien rústico pero elegante para su cuarto de baño. Esto maravillosamente hechos a mano estante y estante de toalla mejorará cualquier cuarto de baño. Su es perfecto para baños más pequeños que no ofrecen mucho de plataforma espacian o necesitan algo especial. Es el perfecto compañero para nuestro juego papel higiénico titular https://www.etsy.com&...

♥ Each Shelf is HANDMADE IN PENNSYLVANIA, USA A nicely rustic yet elegant touch for your bathroom. This beautifully handcrafted shelf and towel rack will enhance any…

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Santa plush figurine for a Christmas tree topper. What a great unique, fun idea DIY Love the three dimensional look like a back pack that Santa is carrying

toilet paper holder stand

Handcrafted toilet paper holder stand with shelf and storage pocket. The perfect addition to any home bathroom or apartment. It has been lightly sanded - pallet diy

АртЗаготовка. Товары для творчества и декора

Driftwood Hurricane, I have actually made these myself in several sizes. I used twigs since driftwood was not available. Love that each one is totally unique.

juego de baño en foami para niños - jo jo jo cute :) by gloria

Inspiración para Labores de Navidad en Fieltro